Administrative Management

Because Mark Shearholdt, President of Sentry Management Corporation, has exhibited a proven track record in turning around depressed properties suffering from severe financial problems, Sentry Management has developed a reputation as a specialist in this field.

Our Approach
Sentry endeavors to reduce the administrative burden on the owners and board members so that daily activities are easily handled. The associations are kept abreast of changes in the ordinances, codes, and environmental laws that are a part of today's changing world. We simply believe that no other management company will be as committed to the reduction of costs, monitoring of delinquent common area charges, and careful budget planning as is Sentry Management Corporation.

Our Facilities
Sentry Management maintains a 9,500 sq. ft. office, conference room, and warehouse facility in Manchester, NH. All facilities are fully equipped with state-of-­the-­art telephone, copier and facsimile equipment; as well as all offices' computer systems operating identically by way of telecommunication software, thereby ensuring consistency of reporting and disbursement, as well as ease of information exchange.

A Broad Range of Skills
Administration services provided by property managers include, but are not limited to, establishing and maintaining control of all accounts associated with a specific property, collecting revenues, maintaining tenant/owner relations and as necessary effecting any legal action, processing service orders, administering leases, preparing annual budgets and making appropriate recommendations.

Quality & Integrity
Sentry Management has always prided itself for its commitment to doing a quality job. In the cases where contractors or subcontractors must be used for any project, property managers have a company list of approved tradesmen and industry professionals that has been developed over a substantial period of time. These companies have not only been selected for their expertise in their related fields, but also for their commitment to price control and integrity.

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Client Testimonials

"I just want to thank you again for representing us so well at last nights annual meeting. With your well balanced presentation, personable approach and affable meeting leadership, it was a meeting that not only went well but I believe can truly serve as the foundation for lots of productive and cooperative work ahead as a community"

-Jane / Association Board member